SMS Outreach Event

At Strongsville Middle School, we conducted a four station activity for all the 8th grade Automation and Robotics classes. The four stations consisted of an introduction to FIRST, hardware, software, driving, and engineering portfolio/outreach. We split up the students and taught them about each station then switched so everyone learned about everything. The students got an opportunity to drive a chassis and get hands on learning. After the outreach event was over, the students got to fill out a reflection sheet, and tell us if their favorite part, what they wanted to learn more about, if they were interested in joining, and if they had any questions. Overall, this outreach event was very prosperous and interested multiple students.

Expanding FIRST to the public at the Cuyahoga County Library

At the Cuyahoga County Library, we had conducted a presentation on what FIRST is and the current season game challenge to people of various ages. The presentation focused on our skills, challenges, and accomplishments throughout the season. At the end of the presentation, we had a Q+A and opened the robot up to the public so they could try driving it. We also brought our parts and tools so when the guests walked around they were able to see each one and ask questions. This outreach event impacted the public because many curious people came up to us and asked how they can start a team of their own because they saw the power FIRST and STEM had. The younger ones who were interested were encouraged to start an FLL team so they can grow their skills and move up to FTC when they meet the age requirements. Overall, the outreach event was extremely successful and inspired many visitors.