Mentor Bios

Adesh Daryapurkar 

I am a mechanical engineer by education, along with a business degree, and now a software engineer by profession. With 36 years of experience, I have played various roles in multiple organizations. Interacting with and mentoring kids in STEM education brings me immense joy. Not only do I get to teach them, but they also teach me valuable lessons in many aspects. As the head coach and coach for the mechanical team, I am excited to continue fostering their passion for STEM.

Sanjeev Katiyar

I have over 26 years of experience working as an Electrical/Manufacturing Engineer. For as long as I can remember, I have always loved tinkering and assembling things. I have also consistently shared my passion for building something from scratch with my kids, and now I have the first opportunity to mentor this wonderful group of kids as part of a formal STEM-related activity. Kudos to FIRST for providing this platform to expose kids to the wonderful world of STEM. I am the coach of the hardware team.

Trupti Sanghvi

I bring over 19 years of IT industry experience, and my passions are logic and the creative arts. I am the founder of the STEMstangs organization. We started this organization because FIRST provided the perfect opportunity for kids as well as coaches to learn STEM using robotics as a platform. Additionally, I serve as both the head coach and a coach for the software team.

Ujwal Oswal

I've been associated with technology for over 25 years now. FIRST has provided an excellent FUN and LEARNING platform for the kids, parents, and coaches to come together and grow. I have a perfect opportunity to get engaged with my kids in the wonderful world of robotics. Additionally, I am a software coach for STEMstangs. I hold a degree in Industrial Electronics, and my day job involves being a Technology Architect for a global organization, where I spend my time designing software systems and coaching colleagues

Kalpesh Sanghvi 

My background involves translating business requirements into designing business computer software. FIRST has provided a platform for me to get involved with kids, their parents, and other coaches. Additionally, it has given me the opportunity to give back to the community.